Michel François can be expected vaguely as a umpteenth singer babes, a François among other... Rather Michel François like to surprise and he does it with talent. Without suffering from 'acute crooner' this unclassifiable singer knows how to vibrate the sensible chord, without ever failing into sentimentality.

Michel François whose real name Jean-Claude Magny is not a crooner like the others ; all in this face evokes the fragility of a Mike Brant or the ardor of Ringo. A subtile blend of sweetness and manhood that does not disappoint this fans.

The predominantly feminine audience of Michel François was a natural choice to him. His voluptuous voice, modern text in English makes him an unclassifiable singer.

By 1981 from Miami to Manhattan he knew animate and do his show in a place called <span>Meatpacking District</span> where he had meetings with great talented musicians with who lie formed the group 'The Golden dreams' composed of 4 international musicians and himself as the only singer. 'The Golden dreams' was successfully everywhere in the cabarets of New York suburbs.

After he became director led by the great Bob Swain, he performed solo in the U.S video clips for some artists such as Anyel, Lee Corder, Yann de Bon (a pop group) Mik Angels... and many others !

Songwriter, he composed a musical and artistically advised a well know Franco-Autralian singer  Laura DAVE, met in New York in the years 2000/2001. He also penned songs for Michel Hamel, an artist who writes occasionally for Daniel Guichard in France.

For the needs of a 20’s short movie on the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, it’s him who wrote the screenplay for his tunisian friend director Hamid Chébli, met in Paris in 2007.

Michel François is above all faithful to his own music. Singer, songwriter, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, editor-publisher, he created his own style. Inspired buy small trotting music in his head. He escapes to labels and trends.

Cately electronic music, supported by brass (Tired of you) riff of guitars (Wild life), Michel  François lights pop with his clear and warm voice.

You can already listen to his Albums.